History Of The Project

Healthy Habits is a lunch meal prep service that offers the highest quality of food! Our menu is inspired by a professional chefs, certified personal trainers and certified nutritionist with years of experience. Healthy Habits believes in living a healthy way of life both nutritionally, mentally, and physically! Our main force is lunch but we do offer breakfast option and our lunch entrées can be substituted for dinner options.

Our Skills

Ever been to the shops and arrived home with twice as much food as you planned buying? And if you’re honest, more treats than you intended? You’re not alone, it’s so easy for this to happen. But if you stick to a few golden rules, you’ll make your shopping trips much easier and you’ll end up saving money too!

  • Make a list
  • Don’t shop when you’re very hungry
  • Read the food labels, look for the ingredients list on the back or the side of the packaging to check how much sugar and fat they contain
  • If possible, try not to bring tired, hungry children along with you
Food 60%
Recipes 40%
Lifestyle 70%
Menu 55%